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White Dove Releases For Funerals In The Immediate Peoria, IL Area

White Dove Release in Peoria

Laramie Lofts White Dove Releases is a premier dove release service located in Peoria, IL. We offer a unique and unforgettable experience for any special occasion, such as a funeral, celebration of life, memorial, or any other event. The release of beautiful white doves can add a special touch of elegance and symbolism to your cherished memories. With years of experience and a commitment to quality and professionalism, Laramie Lofts White Dove Release is dedicated to making your event truly unforgettable. We are the ONLY dove release service in all of Central IL, and we focus on providing healthy and well trained white doves to return back home upon the doves release.

White Dove Release Packages

We supply the white doves in a heart-shaped basket til they are released by you or our handler. 

We offer white dove release in the following:

  • 2 White Doves
  • 6 White Doves
  • 12 White Doves

We DO NOT offer services such as the reading of poems, giving words/prayers, ect., but we do have a large bluetooth speaker you can play a song off of upon request.

White Dove Releases For:

Funerals and Memorials • Heavenly Birthdays  • Weddings • Anniversaries • Birthdays • Christenings and Baptisms • Graduations • Grand Openings • Sporting Events • Charity Events • Military and Civic Ceremonies • Family Runions • Retirement Parties • Corporate Events • Religious Events • Cultural Celebrations • Artistic Performances • Political Rallies • Environmental Events • Festivals and Fairs • School Events • Business Parties • Marriage Proposals • Bridal Photo Shoots • Valentine's Day • Engagements • Ceremonies • Humanitarian Events (Relay for Life and Race for the Cure) • Dove Releases for all Occasions • Create a Unique Event with a White Dove Release

White Doves Release Cost

We offer larger White Dove Release by request.

2 White Doves - You Release


We provide birds which you can open (1) heart-shaped basket to release them.

6 White Doves - You Release


We provide birds which you can open (1) heart-shaped basket to release them.

12 White Doves - You Release


We provide birds which you can open (1) heart-shaped basket to release them.

24 White Doves - You Release


Available Spring 2024

White Dove Release Enquiry

Our white dove releases are limited to only the immediate Peoria area and weather permitting!

Dates and times are offered on a first come first booked!

Due to the Hawks, Falcons, and other birds of prey back in the area for the winter, we will only be offering the 2 white dove release, 6 white dove release, or the 12 white dove release til early March of 2024.

For faster response you can send text to 309-981-6966

Please include location of release, date, and time.

Please confirm now for your dates for funeral white doves or white doves for events. Peoria White Dove Release

White Dove Release Payment

All White Dove Releases booked must be paid for by the day before your event, unless arranged to pay cash at dove release event.
CashApp to: $peoriadoves
PayPal to: @peoriadoves
Cash at Release if Arranged

Peoria White Dove Release

During winter months we are only doing white dove releases in the immediate Peoria, IL. area.

Laramie Lofts White Dove Releases is a top-tier white dove release service situated in Peoria, IL, that provides a unique and unforgettable experience for any special occasion. Whether it's a ...

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We offer our white dove release services within 20 miles of Peoria, IL.

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Laramie Lofts Doves Releases is the parent company for Visionary Wings Dove Releases. 

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