White Dove Releases For Weddings

White Dove Releases For Weddings

White doves have been a symbol of peace, love and purity since the beginning of time. As such, white doves are a great symbol for marriage because they choose their mate and remain faithful to them throughout their lives.

White Dove Release Enquiry

We DO NOT offer services as the reading of a poem, giving words/prayers, music played, ect., but there will always be one of our bird handlers there til the release of the birds.

Please if you are planning ahead, send us a message below to get confirmed for your dates as soon as you know. Our white dove releases are limited to only the immediate Peoria area and weather permitting!

Dates and times are offered on a first come first booked!

Due to the Hawks, Falcons, and other birds of prey back in the area for the winter, we will only be offering the 2 dove release, 6 dove release, or the 12 dove release til early March of 2023.

Please confirm now for your dates for funeral white doves or white doves for events.